Clubmoor Nursery and Children Centre
Utting Avenue East
Norris Green
L11 1DQ

Manager: Elaine Darbyshire
Tel: 0151 233 8505

Opening Hours

We are open for 38 weeks of the year. To ensure Staff are kept up to date with relevant training courses we may close the Nursery for a couple of days but adequate notice will be given.


We are aware parents would like to drop older children off at school before attending Clubmoor Nursery. In order to not disrupt your children’s class can you please ensure that children are in nursery no later than 9.30am. If your child is absent from nursery for any reason, please inform us on the first day. If your child has been given antibiotics or had vomiting or diarrhoea they will not be allowed into nursery for 48hrs after there last case. I hope you respect this as we would not like other children and staff to catch this. We cannot give any children medicine that has not been prescribed by the doctor, this also includes inhalers.