Clubmoor Nursery and Children Centre
Utting Avenue East
Norris Green
L11 1DQ

Manager: Elaine Darbyshire
Tel: 0151 233 8505

Our Nursery

Bringing and Collecting Your Child from Nursery

Please ensure when entering the car park you are driving slow. Children and parents are in and out of the nursery and Children Centre so please keep this in mind as we want to prevent accidents from happening. If at any time you need to arrange for someone else to collect your child, a member of the management team or Room leader must be informed in advance. The person collecting your child will need to be over the age of 16 years, and known to the child. We cannot hand over your child to anyone other than yourself, unless you have informed us about this in advance and agreed a password and description. Try to collect your child at least 10-15 minutes before your child’s session finishes so a member of staff can inform you how your child has been that day. If your child attends on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Pm and Thursday and Friday then you must enter nursery via the back gate on the car park. Be aware that the gate will not be open before the time so please do not come too early as you will be left waiting. Whilst waiting it is your responsibility to ensure your child is kept safe and away from the cars in the car park. Collecting your child you will enter nursery through reception.
Late Collection

If you are late to collect your child more than twice you will be charged half a day’s fee of £20.00.