Clubmoor Nursery and Children Centre
Utting Avenue East
Norris Green
L11 1DQ

Manager: Elaine Darbyshire
Tel: 0151 233 8505

Packed Lunch/Snacks

Meal Arrangements

If your child is accessing a free 2 or 3year place you will have to provide a packed lunch for them as we do not provide meals. We do encourage healthy eating and food that is put in your child’s lunch bag that is not healthy will not be given to them. If you are in need of ideas please feel free to take a leaflet from reception of nursery. You do not need to provide a drink as your child will be given a choice of milk or water. Please provide your child’s meal in a named bag and not a carrier bag for safety reasons.

Emma is now the nursery PANCO co ordinator, which stands for Physical Activities and Nutrition Co-ordinator, this role has been created to lead positive change to ensure we have a nursery environment that supports the prevention of obesity, health and wellbeing of children and families.

Due to studies across Britain carried out by health care experts, Liverpool has the highest rate of obesity in young children, a quarter of 2-10year old children are obese in the UK and for every 100 children in Liverpool 1 is underweight and 14 are overweight and 13 are obese, overweight children are more than likely to become overweight adults which leads to a number of health issues growing up, there is a strong correlation between deprivation and childhood obesity, the early years are crucial to intervene to reduce health inequalities across the life course.

Healthy bodies and healthy eating means healthy minds