Clubmoor Nursery and Children Centre
Utting Avenue East
Norris Green
L11 1DQ

Manager: Elaine Darbyshire
Tel: 0151 233 8505

Partnership With Parents

We hope that you and your child will feel welcome in the nursery, we want you to feel comfortable and included in nursery life, by building strong relationships with you and your child we are in the best position to support you and to understand your child’s needs, likes and dislikes. We want you to be involved in all stages of the decision making process regarding your child key person together complete an initial assessment of ‘where your child is’ within the seven areas of development identified in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your child’s key person will then ‘track’ your child’s development each term. You will also be asked to complete a 2 year progress check with your child’s key person the term after your child has started, this information can then be shared with your child’s Health Visitor. Each term your child will bring home a “My Child at Home sheet”. We are sure you see your child making progress at home in lots of areas that we could maybe follow in Nursery and we would like you to tell us about it on this sheet. This is another way of us getting to know your child.
If your child attends appointments with other professionals, bring to nursery any letters or information you feel we may need as we can then develop relationships with these professionals and share relevant information regarding your child.
Please feel free to discuss any problems or concerns you may have, in confidence, with your child’s key person, or a member of the management team. Our aim is to keep you well informed of your child’s progress and development whilst attending the nursery, through good communication systems eg. daily contact, home links book, parents evenings and newsletters etc.

Family Partnership

Partnership with families is an integral part of our work and we want to partner with you to support your child’s healthy development and early education. You are welcome to come to the setting at any time of the day to visit your child or to speak with the staff. Our aim is to make the Nursery an active community that promotes friendship and creates a supportive network. We look forward to getting to know you and to offering you and your child a safe, caring, and discovery filled environment. Fun and cuddles are important in helping children feel happy and secure and we do endeavour to promote positive behaviour so that each child is encouraged to show consideration for others. This enables
children to gain an understanding of right and wrong and respect for each other and their environment. We believe in working together with our parents and carers to promote the best chances for the children within their nursery experience.
Ways this can be achieved are as follows:

  • We encourage our open door policy
  • Share with your child’s key person what you know about your child’s interests
  • Share a special project or activity
  • Attend Nursery functions
  • Read Nursery newsletters
  • sign into Tapestry to access your child’s learning Journey.