Clubmoor Nursery and Children Centre
Utting Avenue East
Norris Green
L11 1DQ

Manager: Elaine Darbyshire
Tel: 0151 233 8505

Pre School

With growing independence, and with their own unique personality really coming through, children are ready to start developing social, self-help and life skills. In the Two year room we support these skills with activities like circle time, dressing skills, toilet training and shared meal times where children are encouraged to feed themselves. The focus is on purposeful play that sets the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. A well planned environment means that children can play with a wide range of resources and take part in well planned activities and experiences which will enable them to continue to develop social skills in turn taking, co-operation and how to communicate with adults and their peers. They will have access to a range of activities to encourage their creative skills and imagination.

Preschool children grow in confidence by the day, and become more skilled in so many different areas. They’re physically more able, with fine motor skills developing. Their use of language flourishes and their enquiring minds are keen to know the answers to all life’s mysteries. In the Pre-school Room, our team plan activities to reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for the development of pre-school children. The continuous provision areas ensure children’s free choice of activity within a structured learning environment. They can continually access these areas in order to develop, practice, repeat and refine skills in their own time. Carefully planned resources offer the chance to experiment, observe and explore their surroundings and enables the children to discover information for themselves. children’s interests are used all across the settings to plan exciting games and activities making sure learning is fun. Through the seven learning areas, children will be supported in reaching their full potential and achieving the stepping stones, giving each child a wide range of experiences and knowledge to draw upon when they enter school. When a child is ready to move onto school (or a new setting) information is gathered about the children and shared with parents and the school in order to make transitions easy and for the children. Teachers are invited into our setting to visit the children. Our aim is to instil and encourage self-confidence and a real enjoyment of learning so when they start school they’re self-assured and raring to go.